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sometimes, ride-en along, or standen, and I made 'em signs
and them me, but I ne'er ast Jem the way. A man could be
in a place in that-air country and they'd be Indians live-en
thar, not a pistol-shot, and him ne'er knowen. Not the way
they fixed them houses, dirt piled up round looken lak a
hump outer the ground. Hogans, they named them houses.
The cold come or hit git dry and the grass give out, and
they'd up and move and build 'em a new house. One day,
sun to sun, and hit was built.

"Summer I was in the mountains, high up. The cold
come, and I moved down and built me a house, lak them
Indian houses, only mine set south, back up under a hunk of
rock. Them Indian houses sets east, ne'er no other way.
Hit's agin their religion. And I fixed me a shed fer my
ponies. That winter I laid up thar. I lived offn the land.
A man kin do hit, put to hit, what with a rifle and snare-en.
But I traded the Indians fer some corn, now and agin. But
two-three months, and I ne'er seen nobody, hair nor hide,
I didn't miss hit, somehow. I'd a-come thar, and thar I was.
Hit's past name-en, how the Lord God leads a man some
time, and sets his foot. Thar I was, and I knowed they was a
world of folks off yander, down in the flat country. A-gitten
and a-begetten, and not knowen the morrow. I knowed how
they'd been war and killen in the country, and folks rise-en in
slaughter, brother agin brother. And men was dead and
under the earth, as had walked on hit, standen up lak me or
airy breathen man. And no man to name the reason. Only
the Lord God. I minded me on the power of meanness I'd
seen in my time. And done, to speak truth. A man does
hit, some more, some less, but he's got hit to think on.

" Hit looked lak my head was full, one thing and ernuther.
Sometimes hit was lak I could see, plain as day, ever thing
and ever body I'd e'er knowed layen out a-f ore me, all at -one
time. They ain't no tellen how hit was, but hit was that
a-way. All together, lak a man lived his life, and the time
not a-passen while he lived it. Hit's past sayen, and they
ain't no word fer me to say hit, but hit was that a-way,